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About Us

The Bin Khumery is one of the founders of the dokha culture in Middle Eastern market. We started farming and selling our dokha since 1987. Our first store was inaugurated in Abu Dhabi, UAE and later the company set up the retail stores in Dubai, Al Ain and in Muscat city of Sultanate of Oman. All the sheikhs and members of Royal families in UAE and Oman have been our loyal customers, and dokha became a trendy item in this region. Year after year our presence in UAE market and dokha sales online was gradually increasing. 2012 we have decided to present our own dokha to the International market under the brand Turbo that we have been using for our accessories since the year 2000.The company now has over 200 employees and became a pioneer and market leader in dokha industry by distributing the products in UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and Kazakhstan,

Our uniqueness is that we cover the whole process including farming, manufacturing, export and wholesale. Our main tobacco plantations are based in UAE and Oman where we do farming, harvesting, drying and blending the tobacco.

Our mission is to be constantly diligent with respect to the quality of our products, to further develop the plethora of Turbo dokha blends, though to keep traditional methods of not using chemical mix in our tobacco products in any stage of production. At Bin Khumery, we sustain a positive and long-lasting relationship with all of our stakeholders by operating in a responsible manner. Our employees are our most important resource in achieving our mission. Bin Khumery Group focus on recruiting, developing and retaining employees with the skills and competencies required to maintain a dynamic growth and corporate culture driven by the values of quality. 

OUR VALUES: 1 Reliability 2 Quality 3 R&D 4 Environment 5 Organic production.

We are operating with Bin Khumery smoking centers across UAE that are in Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Al-Ain. In our smoking showrooms you may find all the smoking items from all over the world. We sell over a 50 blends of the best dokha, hand made medwakhs, various filters. You may find most of the shisha-hooker flavors brands such as Al-Fakher, Nakhla, Afzal, Starbuzz,Golden Layalina, Argelini, Aroma, Panarama. We import the shisha-hookers and hooker hose from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, China, USA and UK such as Khalil Mamoon, Kavanky, Yayaha kavanki. Apart from that our smoking centers offer finest Cubian cigars, electronic cigarettes. 

We always welcome the competition in the market, worldwide there are only few companies working in the dokha industry  such as Yousef Rida dokha, Abu Mohammed dokha and others; and the brands holders are Scorpion dokha (UAE), al-Medwakh (UAE), Bin3Essa dokha (Exclusive Kuwait Trading Est), Medwakh.com (USA), Iconic dokha (USA), Empire dokha (USA), Enjoy dokha (UK), Deluxe dokha (UK), Master of medwakh dokha (UK) etc. All of this companies are our friends and we always try to give support to each other.